BETA v0.9
SuperIntuitive is currently beta v0.9

SuperIntuitive was first released 12/31/19.
Quickly and easily build your website without the need to know how to program

Super Intuitive
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Robert Allen :-) Ive been programming for about 25 years and I wanted to give something to the programming world.

I designed SI to be, what I would consider as simple as possible a way for any somewhat tech savy individual to build a website without coding. There seems to be several tools out there that are great if you are a code guru, OR have several prebuilt tools that can be dropped in, but I was looking for a tools that provides a GUI into the code. And it had to be simple with as few clicks as possible. I hope SuperIntuitive fufills this need for everyone who uses it. I also hope that some more advanced users who like to code can help to make this project the very best it can be. Feel free to contact me about being a contributor on GitHub.

For the past 10 years I have developed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX as well as programming .net and web applications.

can WEB!

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